yeezy season 1 start

10月29日(木)、YEEZY SEASON 1 が全世界一斉発売。販売方法をお知らせします。

■ 発売日 ■

2015年 10月29日(木) 10時オープン

■ 販売方法 ■

10月29日(木) 、YEEZY SEASON 1 が全世界一斉発売。

  • 店舗前にお並びの際、並び中の横入りや、他のお客様への迷惑行為、店舗前や店舗近辺へのタバコ、ペットボトル、その他ゴミを捨てる行為等、近隣への迷惑行為や販売に支障をきたすようなモラルの無い行動をおこされた方は、整理券配布、及び販売は中止させて頂きます。

  • スタッフの指示に従ってください。
  • 複数のお客様の清算を一人の方が行うのはお止め下さい。
  • 一部商品のみ、購入点数が制限されるアイテムが御座いますので、ご了承ください。
  • 購入後の返品、サイズ交換等は一切お受け出来ません。

- その他注意事項 -



Thursday, October 29, 2015 10:00 opening

■ Sales system ■

On Thursday, October 29, YEEZY SEASON 1 releases all world all at once.
There is a case to distribute an entering a shop rearranging ticket to at 9:00 a.m. on that day because congestion is expected very much.
* It is the guide with the turn that had you line up.
The trouble about the order does not take responsibility to line up at all.
(there is a case to have you show the identification of social position in the case of distribution with a rearranging ticket.)

  • The case that a nuisance and our store to the neighborhood judged in the case of a row in front of a store line up, and, please stop a cigarette to the neighborhood, a plastic bottle, the rearranging ticket distribution towards the case taken that there is not it action of morals causing confusion for other garbage abandoned others sale and the sale the nuisance act to other visitors such as the cutting in of the inside, a store ago.

In addition, for fair product sale, only the person who can adhere rigidly to the following instructions can purchase a product.
  • Please obey instructions of the staff.
  • I let you line up, and there is no that one settles accounts many people.
  • Because there is the item which a purchase mark is confined to, approve only some products.
  • I cannot accept returned goods after the purchase, the size exchange at all.

- Other instructions -

Because you cannot accept it at all, approve the inquiry about the matter mentioned above and the statement.
Because there is a case to change in the situation of the day about the sales system mentioned above, the rule out of necessity, please warn him.

* I would like a telephone, the inquiry by the email to decline.

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